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December 2007

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New 3 Tonne Wire Winding Take-up

Wire Winding Take-up delivered to steel wire ropery

CMS have recently added a 3 Tonne Wire Winding Take-up to the product range. This is part of an upgrade to a bobbin winding facility for wire rope manufacture.

Steel wire winding is a heavy duty operation and the winder is therefore designed with a strong construction. The objectives of long productive life and ease of maintenance have been fully realised.

A feature of the winder is that it accepts a wide range of bobbin sizes and wire diameters, with capacity up to 3 tonnes weight. Most wire roperies have inherited a wide range of bobbins to suit the various makes of strander that are in use. The design of the drum lift and pintle loading system take account of this need, with minimal changeover time between bobbin sizes, enabling considerable flexibility in production.

The winder control system incorporates the most modern AC drives and machine tool drives, PLC and touch screen interface. A full range of production parameters such as line speed, traverse pitch and limits, wind length and bobbin size are available from the touch screen menu, enabling quick set up for each production run. Full engineering diagnostics are shown for ease of maintenance.

CMS 3 Tonne Wire Winding Take-up with door open

CMS 3 Tonne Wire Winding Take-up with door closed

A fully interlocked guard and enclosed construction are supplied for safety together with motorised bobbin load and unload functions.

Standard and Custom Designs

CMS Managing Director Chris Livesey commented: "This is an outstanding example of the CMS design and manufacturing capability. We are able to take an existing, well proven design and modify it to meet the customer's needs with the minimum of engineering risk. We are also able to produce completely new designs based on tested components that meet a customer's specialised requirements. With the consolidation of the UK manufacturing sector, this engineering capability is increasingly rare and we find that many manufacturers are asking us to provide machinery to meet their production demands."

The photographs shows the new 3 Tonne Wire Winding Take-up ready for despatch.

As well as the supply of new production equipment, CMS have extensive experience in rebuilding and refurbishing machinery for the wire, rope and cable industries.






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