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May 2007

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CMS partner with Control & Power Engineering

Low relaxation wire and strand processing for pre-stressed concrete

CMS and Control & Power Engineering have announced a partnership for the design and supply of fully integrated PC wire and PC strand lines. The co-operation between Keith Russell of C&PE and Chris Livesey of CMS combines the expertise of over 30 complete process lines installed worldwide, together with modern machinery design and manufacturing techniques.


There are a number of technical standards in pre-stressed concrete wire and strand for low relaxation: ASTM A421 (single wire), ASTM A416 (seven strand), ASTM A886 (indented wire strand) and PR EN10138 (European wire standard). There are few suppliers who can reliably combine complete knowledge of the process with fully integrated plant supply. However, the partnership between CMS and C&PE does just that, offering a one-stop shop for complete production line installation.


A wide range of production machinery, that meets the above standards as required, is offered, including:


PC wire line equipment

  • Powered pay-off
  • Die block or first capstan
  • Induction furnace
  • Cooling trough
  • Stretch capstan
  • Pinch rolls
  • Power shear
  • Pan of coiler type take-ups

PC strand line equipment

  • Skip or tubular strander
  • Input capstan
  • Induction furnace
  • Cooling trough
  • Stretch capstan
  • Spooler and Rewind layer winders

Pre / Post Tension Strand Extrusion Lines

Including grease application and Extruded Polyethylene jacketing.

The example shown in the photo is the accurate rewinding of PC strand from the in-process spool onto a collapsible centre coiler. The finished coil is rewound, strapped, and unloaded ready for despatch.

The same technical know-how is also offered to upgrade existing PC wire and strand lines. This builds on CMS's considerable expertise in applying modern controls and electronics to existing production lines, to greatly enhance productivity, reliability and safety.


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