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January 2007

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Precision Rolling / CMS new venture

Cable Machinery Spares (CMS) announce the formation of their Precision Rolling Division to manufacture rolling mill and wire drawing equipment.

This move combines the capabilities of Fred Spry and CMS and complements the other CMS product lines of B&F Carter, Shackleton Engineering, Winget Syncro, Hanson & Edwards and Babcock Wire Equipment.

The proven range of flattening and shaping mills for ferrous and non-ferrous wire and strip includes:

  • Single and multiple 2 high Stand units and complete lines
  • Powered and non-powered Edge Rollers
  • Vertical and Horizontal Drawing Blocks
  • Single and Multiple Turks Heads
  • Pay-offs and Spoolers
  • PC Strand Equipment
  • Machine upgrades

Using the design and manufacturing strengths of CMS, Precision Rolling offers a complete design, build, installation and after sales service. A wide range of standard units can be combined to produce a bespoke production line to suit most applications.

Precision Rolling's complete process lines feature integrated automation and control systems, ensuring reliable, high quality, cost effective manufacturing solutions.

Commenting on the new venture, CMS Managing Director Chris Livesey said: "We are delighted to team up with Fred Spry to offer this comprehensive range of rolling mills and ancillary equipment. Fred has over 30 years experience of this product sector combined with our design and manufacturing skills, we are looking forward to offering high quality products and service to new and existing customers".

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This article first appeared in Wire & Cable News, Sping 2007






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