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January 2007

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Pay-offs, Take-ups and Winding Systems

Essential equipment for reliable production

Pay-offs, take-ups and winding systems are not perhaps the most exciting pieces of equipment, but the fact remains that these commonplace machines are a key part of any reliable production line.

The simple process of winding product off and onto a spool, bobbin, drum or reel is common to a number of related industries. Designers have arrived at many different ways (and names) of picking up the drum and turning it, with the result that certain industry standards have evolved. Engineers at Cable Machinery Spares have developed a comprehensive range of drum stands, reflecting the changing needs of the industry over 25 years.

Recent developments in drive technology and in particular AC drives and servo drives, have enabled much improved tension and speed control, traverse control and maintainability.

Combined with dancers and accumulators, the pay-off speed and tension of the product is accurately controlled. Traversing systems with safe and simple adjustment of pitch and width on the control panel are now available as standard.

With all the different stands available it can be confusing for the customer. Cable Machinery Spares can help, using their wide experience to identify the correct equipment from a standard range of well-proven drum stands. The most cost-effective solution can then be offered: the selection process looks at the weights and speeds involved, as well as the reliability and duty and the best way to handle the product.

CMS are continually developing new applications. Recent installations have included twin pan take-ups for the steel PC wire industry and uncoilers and recoiler stands for steel strip winding up to 30 tonnes capacity.

As ever, Cable Machinery Spares focus on specifying equipment that will result in reliable and cost-effective production. The CMS range includes:

Extrusion line and rewind applications

  • Modular up to 1 Tonne
  • Cantilever up to 8 Tonne
  • Traversing Cantilever up to 8 Tonne
  • Traversing Portal up to 50 Tonne
  • Overhead Portal up to 20 Tonne
  • Semi Automatic Dual Reelers up to 3 Tonnes
  • Twin Cantilever and accumulator up to 3 Tonnes
  • Steel and aluminium tape infeeds

Wire drawing

  • Heavy Duty winders
  • Automatic Dual reelers
  • Vertical drop coilers

Steel wire

  • Heavy duty wire winders
  • Twin pan automatic winders
  • PC wire coilers

Rewind applications

  • Fibre optic rewind lines
  • Cable rewind lines
  • High speed rewind and test

Steel strip applications

  • Uncoilers and recoilers up to 30 Tonnes






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