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September 2006

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Refurbishment Pays Dividends


The cable and wire industry is well aware of the high cost and long lead times of new production machinery. For this reason, many producers favour the more cost effective used equipment route.


However, there are several hidden dangers with used equipment. These include exis-ting maintenance problems, unreliable electrical controls and uncertainty about the capability of the original machine.


When combined with transport costs, new foundations for the machinery and immediate running repairs to get the newly installed equipment working again, the true costs can be much higher than expected.


The best way to ensure that the decision to put in used equipment is successful, is a professional refurbishment of the plant before installation. Furthermore, if the refurbishment company has all the original manufacturing and design information to hand, this will avoid copying worn parts or specifying inappropriate materials.


Cable Machinery Spares Ltd (CMS) is a company formed for the specific purpose of supplying fully refurbished equipment, built to the original specifications. The company owns and maintains the original drawings and retains the individual build documentation for a wide range of machinery, including B&F Carter, Babcock Wire Equipment, Hanson & Edwards and Winget Syncro.


Similar detailed information for General Engineering and Francis Shaw Cable Machinery is also available in association with FSCM.


Many of the CMS engineering team worked for one or more of the above companies and have extensive first hand knowledge of these machines. The refurbishment process starts with either the complete or partial rebuild of existing equipment (or alternatively the supply of newly refurbished machinery to order). However, due to the extensive working knowledge of these machines, the refurbishment can also incorporate a number of later design modifications, as well as the latest advances in drives and control systems.


At the same time, customers with long experience of using these production machines often suggest further improve-ments that are also engineered into the final refurbished machine. The end result is the best of both worlds the simple, rugged design of the original machinery, combined with the latest drive technology and design improvements; leading in some cases to a three or four fold increase in productivity and reliability.


The service from CMS does not stop on installation, as the company can supply consumables and spare parts, as well as regular service visits to minimise down time, keeping the equipment running efficiently for years to come. The Cable Machinery Spares website has separate sections dedicated to the various brands shown above. This enables easy identification of original machines, together with technical libraries showing running capacities and specifications.


The services offered by CMS are not restricted to the above machine makes and many other types of machine have also been successfully refurbished. Recent examples of work completed include:

  • B&F Carter Planetary Strander: Complete refurbishment, followed by installation and subsequent relocation to Czech republic.
  • Winget Syncro F13 rod breakdown machine: complete overhaul, new gears, bearings and liquor system. Rebuild of steel wire capstan gearbox; redesign, build and installation of new gearbox for 18 tonnes pull steel wire capstan.
  • Francis Shaw extruder gear-boxes; manufacture from drawings of two complete sets of gears, rebuild and test.






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