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May 2006

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New Engineering Design Service

The engineering design business of Cable Machinery Spares Ltd continues to evolve: investment in new IT systems pays off with the introduction of a new engineering design service.


Recent contracts have been awarded by customers who are looking for improved replacement parts and sub-systems for existing production installations. Whilst existing machinery has run reliably for a number of years; as parts need to be replaced, manufacturers can often identify potential areas for improvement. At this stage, by contacting Cable Machinery Spares (CMS), they are able to specify their requirements for enhanced replacement parts.


Engineers from CMS will then survey the existing production line and make further recommendations. Once an action plan has been agreed, CMS will design revised or new replacement parts. These new parts are fully engineered, using the latest CAD software from Autodesk, enabling greatly reduced lead times for design, engineering and manufacture. This results in reduced downtime for manufacturers, combined with improved production efficiency after the plant has been refurbished.


A contract, worth in excess of 150,000, has recently been awarded to CMS for the complete re-engineering of a full production line.


Managing Director Chris Livesey commented: "Manufacturers frequently know how their production machinery could be improved, and yet the requirement for minimal downtime means that they are often unable to put these ideas into effect. Our recent investment in the latest Autodesk software has enabled us to introduce a new service whereby design improvements can be speedily incorporated into a production line refurbishment."


Cable Machinery Spares Ltd supports a wide range of cable making, wire drawing and braiding machinery together with ancillary equipment. Makes supported include B&F Carter, Winget Syncro, Babcock Wire Equipment, Hanson & Edwards and Shackleton.






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