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February 2006

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New Winget Syncro and Babcock Wire web site

Winget Syncro and Babcock Wire have launched a new web site designed specifically to enhance customer service for users of their machinery. The site features extensive information about rod breakdown and wire drawing machinery and ancillary equipment manufactured over the last 50 years. Although many of these machines are still in productive service throughout the world, current operators may not know the machine specific details that are required to obtain service, genuine parts and upgrades.

Machinery Selector

The site features a Machinery Selector, offering easy visual identification of different equipment. Even if the machine's rating plate has been lost or removed, identification is straightforward with the Machinery Selector. This is backed up with detailed technical information about the capabilities of each machine when used in different applications.

The ranges of machinery covered include:

  • Winget Syncro and Babcock Wire Rod Breakdown machinery
  • Winget Syncro Wire Drawing Machinery
  • Ancillary Equipment for the above ranges, including Annealers, Spoolers, Coilers, Pointer / Stringers and Dancers

Extensive contract records and design drawings for over 40 different types of machinery are maintained, enabling key components and spare parts to be easily identified and replaced.

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