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September 2005

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Winget Syncro & Babcock Wire Drawing Spooler Machine Upgrades

Beaumont continues to support the Winget Syncro and Babcock range of wire drawing machinery with the supply of kit-form machine upgrades for existing equipment.


Recent examples are upgrade kits for high speed automatic continuous spoolers, both Reelomatic, the R450K and the R500K models.


Wire drawing plants have a common problem with sourcing obsolete electrical and mechanical spares for machinery often up to 30 years old. The main machine will probably have many years of productive life left if it were not for these maintenance problems.


The solution is a fully engineered kit of parts to replace the obsolete components with new ones for a reasonable cost and minimum down time. This can apply to the main drive system, where eddy current drives can be replaced with AC variable speed drives. Relay control systems can also be replaced with PLC control.


Similarly the old hydraulic wire distributor or traverse system can be replaced with a complete assembly using AC servo-drive systems.


These cost effective upgrades are fully engineered using the original Winget Syncro design information for individual machines. Full instructions and documentation are supplied. Beaumont engineers can assist with re-commissioning.


All part of the service from Beaumont to the wire industry.






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