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August 2005

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Fully refurbished 36 carrier Carter braider

Beaumont Machinery has recently completed a major refurbishment of a B&F Carter 36 carrier wire braiding machine.

The machine, originally supplied in 1981, is used for the manufacture of reinforced hydraulic tube. The refurbishment included all new running gears, raceplate and carrier systems. The machine function has also been upgraded with automatic lubrication and variable speed AC drives on both haul-off and braider deck. A new soundproof enclosure with safety interlocks is supplied.

The machine, shown here on production acceptance trials, is now set up for a further 25 years of service for less than half the price of a new braider.

This is a further example of the service capability of the B&F Carter division of Beaumont Machinery. Carters offer full machine refurbishment using the original design drawings and material specifications. They retain the machine building capability and skills essential for specialist new and refurbished cable machinery.

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