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July 2005

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Shackleton PC Strand Line Capstan Gearbox

Beaumont Machinery recently supplied a replacement capstan gearbox on a steel PC wire strand correction line.

The gearbox, weighing 15 tonnes, was designed as a direct replacement for the existing gearbox but with increased bearing size, case rigidity and gear sizes to resist high application loads.

The particular application is known to be very arduous on conventional gearboxes and requires the steel wire to be heated and stretched with tensions of up to 18 tonnes. Beaumont's solution was to reassess the external loads on the gearbox and supply a stronger design, within the confines of the existing foundation details.

Of particular interest to the wire and cable industry is the engineering service from Beaumont's Shackleton Engineering Division. Gearboxes that give trouble in service can be surveyed and solutions provided by our experienced gearbox designers.

Replacement gear sets and components can be designed to refurbish existing gearboxes. Often the replacement gears can be offered to a higher efficiency which offers the benefit of energy cost savings.

Shackleton have engineered special industrial gearboxes for the last 35 years in the wire, steel, cement and rubber industries.






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