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May 2005

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New Copper Strip Traversing Take-up Stand

A new traversing Take-up stand for the winding of copper strip just delivered by Beaumont Machinery. The stand will take a wide range of drums up to 5 tonnes weight, other sizes are available up to 20 tonnes capacity.


The traversing winder is particularly suited to flat products and has the benefit of keeping the product in a straight line when winding. Round products can similarly benefit from this improved wire path.


The stand features a state of the art drive system, which electronically links the drum and the traverse rotation precisely to give an enhanced wind quality. Remote traverse reversal control is as standard.


The drum lifting mechanism uses screw jacks as a major improvement over the normal hydraulic systems for precision, safety and improved maintenance.


The winder drive incorporates the option of torque and dancer speed control.


When the stands are used as a pair the changeover time at the end of each drum can be reduced to a minimum.


The stand is one of a range of spoolers available from Beaumont specifically designed for the Cable Industry.






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