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February 2005

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New Supaload© Carrier Launched

A new Carter 24 carrier wire braider, featuring a number of enhanced features, has just been delivered by Beaumont to a customer in the hydraulic hose industry.


New developments on the Carter braider are individual AC drives on deck and haul-off for softer starts and easy braid angle change.  An automatic lubrication system for the deck and gears helps to reduce operating costs.


On the Supaload© carrier, again known for strength and reliability, Carter have introduced quick change tension springs and on-carrier wire killing devices.


The range of braiders is from 16 to 96 carriers in horizontal or vertical configuration.


Carter braiders have a reputation for reliability, long life and strength for higher tension applications.


The B&F Carter Division of Beaumont operate a spares and rebuild service for braiders of all types.  New braider decks and complete new machines are also supplied.


Spare parts and consumables for Carter braiders and the Supaload©  carrier are available from stock or quick delivery.






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